Software solutions we offer


If you want to make your company more competitive in times of current crisis, you need a program that integrates all the departments of your company such as accounting, production, billing and stock. Gesta comes with all this features and many more.


We offer accounting software, working hours control programs, and software rental services where the user only pays for the use of the software and does not have to buy, install nor maintain expensive computer systems

IT consultancy

Our team of engineering professionals who have experience in different business areas will help you establish the right formula between technology and your company.

Custom software

CompsaOnline has a team of engineers with training and many years of experience that are able to make a computer application that will perfectly fit your own business and make your company more productive.



This software is the result of many years of experience in different areas of the business world. This solution brings together in one single application all the knowledge of the company. It offers the management team real time information about the company in.

Gesta + Online Store

Thanks to the new online store offered by CompsaOnline and the synchronization module with Gesta, you can create an online store to sell your products over the Internet. It synchronizes the articles that were introduced in Gesta with the online store, updating the changes and facilitating the management of products that are offered online.

Gesta TPV for tablets

Enjoy maximum comfort thanks to TPV Gesta’s new feature now available on tablet devices. The combination of GestaTPV with a tactile device provides a perfect tool for the management of shops dedicated to retail.




Our program is one the most complete accounting software of the market. Its total reliability has been demonstrated by the years of its smooth operation. It is intended for small, medium-sized businesses and micro companies as well. It is very simple and easy to use, which allows all users to use the program at its full potential. The application complies with the current accounting regulations and it is in constant development to quickly incorporate all changes in legislation.


Working hours control

Manage the entry and exit hours of your team at the workplace, breaks, absences and vacations in a simple and visual way. It has a large variety of settings and options, so it is very easy to adapt it to any company. Also, it allows many worker identification systems. This system is integrated inside Gesta ERP made by CompsaOnline and it is possible tu customize it and adpat it to your needs.


Software rental

We offer our software through the purchase of a license or through rental (Sass). With the second option, the user only pays for the use of the program. They don’t need to buy it, install it nor pay for the expensive maintainance. You only need an Internet connection and a browser to be able to use the program from any computer, anywhere and anytime.

IT consultory

Our team will help you find the right formula between technology and your business

Customized programs

Every company is unique, co standardized programs usually do not adapt to their needs, or maybe they have needs that don’t have an it solution. Our trained and experimented team of engeneers is ready to make an application that will perfectly fit your business and fulfill its needs at the same time as increasing the productivity, making it a very valuable instrument for your business.