it is essential to plan and manage the information generated within our companies in an efficient and accessible way for all employees. GestaOffice is a Compsaonline Intranet and a corporate web platform that allows the management and organization of knowledge, process automation, project management and collaborative space within companies

Main features

Project manager

Wiki articles

Woocommerce online store

Calendars + other widgets

Complete comunity

File manager

Learndash online courses

bbPress Forum

Subtitled video documentation

Demonstration import

Live ajax chat

Cover images

Directory (unlimited fields)

Maintenance extension

Megamenu + icons

Personalized login page

RTL Support

Notification center

Drag & Drop payment generator

Member Map

Slider options

Paid subscription

Unlimited fonts and colors


What will GestaOffice improve in your business

  • Time and costs. The implantation of an intranet, even though requires an initial investment, ends up saving time and money in the medium term. For instance, employees waste less time for searching information. Therefore, they are able to use that time to complete other important tasks.
  • Improves the speed and efficiency in the communication with employees.
  • Communication is centralized in one single environment.
  • It allows to simultaneously offer the same information to all employees and all at a very low cost.
  • It is possible to send communications only to certain profiles of the company.
  • Security. A well-implemented intranet is completely secure for the company and its employees.
  • Increases collaboration between employees. An intranet can be the means by which employees of different departments collaborate more quickly and efficiently and create synergies between them.
  • Knowledge management. Creating a wiki or a forum post helps employees spread their knowledge so everyone can learn.
  • Improves the reputation of the company in the eyes of the employees. If a company has an intranet and uses it to manage vacations, launch communiqués, reserve material or meeting rooms, this will make employees to see internal administrative procedures as being easier and have a better opinion about the company.
  • No time or space limitations. It is open 24/7 and accessible to all employees, including those who are traveling or working away from their usual workplace.
  • Training. It can be used as a support for training employees.
  • Increases productivity. Searching for information is easier and faster, so employees spend less time in this type of tasks. In addition, a well-developed intranet comes integrated with a technological surveillance system that can help inform your workers about useful information regarding their job such as legislation alerts, selective newsletters and many others.
  • In conclusion, a corporative intranet helps companies improve many of their internal processes at a lower cost and more efficiently than with the traditionally used decentralized methods.


Internal web platform for the Public Administration

What is the municipal intranet?

It is necessary to plan and manage the information that is generated within the Public Administration in an efficient and accessible way for all employees. The SEMIC Intranet is a corporate web platform that facilitates the management and organization of knowledge, process automation, internal municipal services and the collaborative space of the public organization.

Functionalities and features


Documentation is organized and classified, which makes searches much faster.


It creates a workflow system for approval, profile management and user permissions. This way, it automates the internal municipal processes.

Management and planification

The planning and management of the information that is generated within the company is done efficiently and is accessible to all workers.


The platform merges with other systems, platforms and products.