Commercial Management (Invoicing)


Gesta is the Commercial Management software developed by CompsaOnline.

The application is designed to maximize the efficiency of all the management processes of the company. For this reason, the application is made to be intuitive and easy to use. It is prepared to keep up with the growth of your business and adapt to new needs like new features, more data, more client computers or branches. The use of the most innovative programming techniques and modular design makes it possible to be deployed to all kind of businesses.


 Clients management

Suppliers management

Contacts management

Items manegement

Costs management

 Prices and promotions management

Representatives and commissions management

 Serial numbers control

Lots and traceability control

Supplier prices importer assistant

Inventory control and minimum stocks

Documents with all the interactions made between warehouses


 Delivery notes for sales and purchases

 Machinery rental management

Expeditions control

Budgeting and templates management

Worker incidents control

Sales and purchases invoices

 Payment receipts and remittance transfers management

 Bank transferences management

Monthly and quarterly VAT summaries

  Monthly, quarterly or other periods statistics

Annual comparative statistics

Performance statistics

User security control

Customizable printing of invoices, delivery notes and orders

Fully customizable views and listings

Export data in formats like PDF, Excel or others

Dynamic queries

Online support service

 Multicompany, multiwarehouse i multibranch

You can check the screenshots below to see how the application looks lika. Click on the link to see the image.

Solutions for different fields

We have specific solutions for each business field.



This module is designed for companies that work using repair orders. The repair orders allow you to register the hours you spend and the material you need for each one, and once the reparation has finished you can create an invoice with one click. It incorporates a historic record of equipment repairs, statistics related to the hours spent and invoiced by each worker, warrants and revisions management.



This module allows farmes to make settlements. You can input purchases and sales, control its traceability, save data such as the lot number, carriers, license plates, and many others and manage the purchasing and sale contracts by specifying the amount and quantity of purchases and sales.


Projects and construction work control

This module is designed for businesses that need to control the costs and revenues of works. It allows the attatchment of delivery notes, purchase notes and incidents to a project. Statistics are generated with these data in order to have an exhaustive control of each work and project.



This module is designed for companies who invoice through periodic fees. It allows you to set different periods, types and fees. These fees can be assigned to customers and automatically charge them trough their banking entity at the set time. Fees management allows you to perform every related operation in a simple and fast way.



Specificaly designed for transport agencies. It adds the possibility of having fees for weight and different routes and incorporates a new way of entering delivery notes specially designed for transport agencies and their particularities.


Customized software

Our team of engineers and programmers can create a customized module that is fully integrated with Gesta to provide the best solution to you company’s needs.