Website design

  • Cheap, unique and attractive web design that transmits the best image of the service you offer.

  • We make responsive or adaptive web pages on the screens of all computers, mobiles and tablets.

  • We create a web design with fast, dynamic and intuitive navigation that facilitates the user experience (UX).

  • We adapt the web pages to the current and specific legal policies of each business (privacy, cookies and legal notice).

  • We set up and implement professional translation systems for the languages ​​you want on your website.

Online store (e-commerce)

  • The CompsaOnline website store is designed from one of the most powerful open source applications on the market.

  • It allows us to further personalize our online store and expand the features of this system, as well as offer it in as many languages ​​as we want.

  • Thanks to its integrated marketing capability, we can customize the design of a product, create discounts, gift vouchers and much more.


Unlimited number of products

Support for compounded products such as customized computers

Real time currency changes

Multilanguage interface

Product comparator

Shipping price calculation based on weight and volume

Tax calculation

Customers’ forum

Online chat integration

Surveys for customers

It includes many payment methods and the possibility of adding more

What we offer

We provide the best advice for the development of your website and offer our experience in web design.

We make attractive and innovative projects, intuitive websites smartly designed so that the visitor can easily find the information.

We design responsive websites so they can be accessible from any device. We work with the latest applications and the most important platforms of online stores.

Website design

Integral website design adapted to your needs. 100% adaptive for mobile devices.

Web design

Design oriented to all types of companies from different sectors. We create high quality and attractive websites.


The websites we make have a clear structure and are easy to navigate. Make your website more efficient and the users will appreciate it.


Adapted development for all kind of devices, achieving the same attractive result in each one of them.

Latest technology

Our websites are developed with the latest technology based on the same international standards used on the websites with the highest traffic.

Content creation

Video and image production for your website. You don’t know what to put on your website? We’ll take care of it.

Fast startup

The website is installed on our servers, we customize it with your corporate image and your information and it’s done!

SEO i Google Adwords

We offer tools to help you improve your SEO and connect with your Google Adwords campaigns with resources such as Google Analytics.

Editing and creating

Update your website. You can enter news and update your page easily and quickly.


Users use mobile phones and tablets more to surf the Internet than computers

Therefore, we offer an adaptive, or responsive, web design to all types of screens, as it is essential in a digital business to have attractive and effective navigability on computers, but also on mobile phones and tablets.


In addition, Google is increasingly prioritizing the SEO positioning of web pages that have a responsive web design, as they respond much better to the intent of searching for users with mobile phones and tablets.

Our work methodology

1. We talk

Define the core of the website, the goals you want to achieve and clarify the possibilities offered by the new technologies to create services on the Internet.

2. Planning

Engineers design the web project.

3. Layout

We specify all the sections, necessary material, features and technologies that will be used in the project.

4. Agreement

We check the layout and fix or polish any details.

5. Review and delivery

The website is finished.