Websites meant for mobile devices

Responsibe web design

One website for eveyone and accessible from any device

Each day, more and more people start using their mobile devices to surf the internet. That is why our websites must contemplate these platforms and make it possible for any device to access them.

We can cover all the different screen resolutions with only one version of the website. That is thanks to the website being optimized for any kind of devices: PCs, tablets, smartohones, etc. This improves the user’s experience and eliminates the need of having a different website for each device.

Responsive web design is replacing the solution of having a specific subdomain for smartphones and tablets. Having one single website and several coding files that allow websites to look from any device is becoming more popular.

CompsaOnline designs and implements responsive websites

Six of the main advantages are:

Information architecture

One single website that can be viewed correctly from PCs, tablets and smartphones is much easier to manage that one that thas several subdomains for each device. Furthermore, it is possible to show or hide information according to the device thanks to CSS.

SEO optimization

Responsive web design is considered SEO optimization for mobile devices. Google likes responsive design because unlike having a bunch of subdomains with tha same content,
this kind of design does not create issues related to duplicate content.

Web functionality

If what you need is a corporate website with basic functionality, adaptive web design is exactly what you need. It also adapts to blogs, forums and other 2.0 websites. However, if your website requires advanced functionalities, perhaps you should consider designing a specfic website for mobile devices or an app (either web or native).

Improves the user experience

The fact thas a user can access the content from any device and view it correctly improves their experience. On the other hand, a good user experience improves que image of the brand and enhances the interaction, the subscription to newsletters and, in the case of electronic commerce, also the sales.


Having a website for PCs, one for tablets and another for smartphones usually has higher design and maintenance costs than adaptive website design, although in some cases it could be cheaper to implement a specific solution for mobile devices.

Easy to implement

Although creating an adaptive website design from scratch can be quite difficult, there are many templates for different CMS that can be easily modified by a designer to adapt them to the company’s graphic line.