We are experts in high-scalability cloud and web platforms

Highly-scalability web environments


CompsaOnline provides a platform that provides service most of the time. This way, the resources of the machines or the total of servers deployed are extended.


You have a high availability load balancing service that allows you to distribute the load to your front servers by indicating the type of balance you want (Type Round Robin or Least Connections). You can also configure some of the available tests or establish persistence.


You can also automatically increase the resources of the platform. This is especialy useful in case you detect a massive consumption of resources on your servers or on the traffic that is being generated.


This type of architecture can be deployed in both Linux and Windows and can incorporate scoring systems that optimize the performance of the web environment.


In order to provide the platform with high availability in all its structure, we can also set a database cluster in the backend layer so we can take it to a physical environment connected to the rest of the cloud platform.


Do not hesitate to contact us to help you decide which architecture is most appropriate for each case. If you need to install SSL certificates, we can offer you different types you can choose from and we will take care of the installation.


Pay per use

Pay only for what you actually use. Your investment and the performance of your project will be better.


Grow or decrease the resources of your project immediately whenever you need it.

No previous investments

You don’t have to invest in expensive hardware that you’re not even sure if you will need.

We work with the main suppliers of Cloud infrastructures