Technical service

CompsaOnline offers its customers computer equipment maintenance and reparation services, guaranteeing the quality and professionalism of its services, and a personalized attention. The satisfaction of our clients is the maximum aspiration of our team and a personal commitment of our workers. CompsaOnline has qualified technical engineers with many years of experience.

We offer

Reparation and maintaince of computer equipment

Home repair service, PC and MAC repair

Laptop reparation and installation of computer equipment

LAN networks breakdown solutions

Installation of operating systems

Hardware and software consulting

Prouct distribution and delivery

Extension of computer equipment

CompsaOnline has the Brother Quality Technical Center and Brother Quality Center accreditations, which are the highest credentials granted by Brother.


The Brother Quality Technical Center accreditation as the only official center in the province of Lleida allows us to repair any Brother device and recognizes us as the company with the best guarantees to repair your Brother device. The Brother Quality Quality accreditation makes us as an official center for the sale of any Brother device with the maximum guarantees of assistance and quality.


You can find the whole range of BROTHER products in our stores and enjoy immediate availability of equipment and computer consumables. You will not have to wait for the products to arrive thanks to having a sufficient stock. In addition, we have qualified professionals at your service. We are a certified center and have great technical knowledge to solve all techical issues. We even take responsibility and take care of solving any technical problem that the product may have.

Data recovery

Your client lost their data? We can recover it

The data we store in our devices has an incalculable value. Offer your customers the possibility to recover their data, regardless of the device (HDD, RAID systems, smartphones, pendrives, CD-DVD, SD cards, compact flash…) and the cause: virus, damaged device, file erasure, sabotage, fires, floods, lost partitions, voltage peaks, damaged mechanics or others.


Once your device is diagnosed (24-48 hours), the recovery period for our flat rate is 5-7 days. Sending your device implies the acceptance of the service and will automatically proceed with the recovery that are included in the Basic Plan – Flat Rate. (See prices for Preferred and / or Urgent Plans).


Once the recovery is complete, you will be given a list of the recovered files.

If the recovery is 100%, we will automatically download and send the data. We will invoice the agreed price according to the usual payment method you have with us.

In case the recovery is not 100%, the client can decide whether or not to continue with the recovery process. If you are not interested in a partial or unsuccessful recovery, we will return your device with no cost.

For security reasons, the data dump is always done on a new device, which we will include in the final price based on the volume of recovered data. If you do not want a new device, you can bring your own along with the damaged device.


Free shipping of the device with the recovered data in Spain and Portugal with no additional cost.

The original damaged device will be returned along with the recovered information. If you do not want your original device back, please contact us in advance and we will send you a certificate of destruction fo free.

* Additional information
»» Check prices for SSD, RAID, etc.
»» The recovery of opened or manipulated devices will cost € 239 + VAT and will follow the same procedure as closed devices. Keep in mind that improperly manipulated devices reduce the chances of successful or complete recovery
»» The data recovery service includes: support via phone, collection and delivery ports, recovery data dump.
»» The cost of the device where the data will be dumped (USB Pendrive, HDD, etc …) is NOT included. The device may be facilitated by the customer or be provided by Esprinet if the client prefers.
»» Prices and services apply for Spain, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Portugal.

Data recorvery form


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Please explain how did the breakdown happen and the "symptoms" of the device

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