Compta (Accounting)

Our program is one the most complete accounting software of the market. Its total reliability has been demonstrated by the years of its smooth operation. It is intended for small, medium-sized businesses and micro companies as well. It is very simple and easy to use, which allows all users to use the program at its full potential. The application complies with the current accounting regulations and it is in constant development to quickly incorporate all changes in legislation.

You can check some screenshots taken from our app below. Click on the link to see the image.

Included modules



Accounting entry management Predefined accounting entries Consolidated accountancy balances Comparative accountancy balances
Monthly exploitation account Automatic dashes of bank statements (Norm 43) Intrastat Statement 347 declaration
 340 declaration IRPF liquidations Unpaid and risks control  Effects wallet
Bank remittances generation Budgetary Accounting Automatic amortization Returned recipts management
Checks payment management One click Official books generation Manager’s screen

Manager’s screen

This module is designed for managers who do not have accounting skills, but still want to check the information about banks and the portfolio of customers and suppliers. Managers can easily access a real time simplified version of these data in this screen.

Working hours control

Manage the entry and exit hours of your team at the workplace, breaks, absences and vacations in a simple and visual way. It has a large variety of settings and options, so it is very easy to adapt it to any company. Also, it allows many worker identification systems such as biometric or card. This system is integrated inside Gesta ERP made by CompsaOnline and it is possible tu customize it and adpat it to your needs.

The application has a wide variety of configurable parameters that allow to adapt the application to any need. It has the possibility of choosing between automatic or code validation signatures, automatic closing, maximum and minimum work time, signing between different days, sound notification of signing or manual entry of signatures among others.

Recognition systems

  • Facial (via webcam)
  • Dactilar (via device connected to a computer)
  • Proximity card
  • Code and password
  • Autonomous terminals (Rec. Dactilar/Card RFID)
  • Mobile app or website

General features

  • Multiple work schedules / calendars
  • Work for hours or goals
  • Automatic shifts
  • Shifts between dates
  • Absences control
  • Automatic or manual breaks control
  • Standard and customizable reports
  • Access control and alerts
  • Vacation management
  • Presence control
  • Simplified mode (Entry and exit hours)

New version of the CompsaOnline mobile signing program

CompsaOnline has developed a new version of the signing program for both Android and iPhone mobile phones.

Login screen

Start of the shift

Save the worker’s location

End of the shift

Software rental

We offer our software through the purchase of a license or through rental (Sass). With the second option, the user only pays for the use of the program. They don’t need to buy it, install it nor pay for the expensive systems at their workplace. You only need an Internet connection and a browser to be able to use the program from any computer, anywhere and anytime.

  • Monthly fix pay. No surprises.
  • Complete service that includes telephonic assistance + software support + manteinance + updates.
  • Scalability. You can expand or reduce the number of users according to your needs.
  • Less costs. It is not necessary to invest in software, hardware, security, nor protection systems.
  • 100% availability and mobility. Access to your management program from any place and time only with an Internet connection.
  • Fast implantation Immediate startup.
  • Maximum security. Antivirus protection, backup, etc.