POS Terminal

POS Terminal

A Point of Sale Terminal (POS) is a specialized computer system that helps you manage sales through a network that is easily accessible for sellers. POS terminals allow the creation of the purchase receipt according to the references of the products and perform various operations throughout the sales process such as making changes in the inventory. They also generate several reports that help you manage the business. Point of Sale Terminals are composed of hardware (the physical device) and software (the operating system and management program).

Point of Sale Terminal are made of:


· Computer and a usually tactile screen or a POS terminal computer all in one.

· Purchase recipt printer, usually thermal

· Barcode reader if needed

· Cash box with automatic opening.

· Program according to business.

New version APP for restaurant POS, from compsaonline

CompsaONline is making a new version of its APP for mobile devices, for POS in restaurants and bars.

The APP allows you to quickly, manage restaurant tables, instantly send orders to the kitchen, and manage everything easily and intuitively from any android or iphone mobile.

Compsaonline integrates automatic cash registers into its GestaTPV program.


The POS application for shops and restaurants now allows you to add automatic cash registers. It offers total safety and hygiene, against covid.