HP Partner

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Compsaonline has the HP Partners accreditation to offer a better service to our customers in products of HP, world leader with PC’s.

Official logos for distributors

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CompsaOnline are official distributors of bq. You can find all their products in our stores.

bq offcial distributor

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Compsaonline has the bq Partners certification to offer a better service to our customers in bq products, a company that manufactures smartphones and 3D printers.

Account Center of Balaguer (Compsa)

Our relationship with Compsa brings twenty years of experience to your service. It is an added value for our clients since we can offer a comprehensive accounting service and a control in all subjects, both commercial and management, which are two aspects hard to get at the same time. We are offerring you twenty years of experience.


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Detecting threats in the shortest time possible is a key factor in being able to fight them efficiently. Our relationship with the most important security software company allows us to have all the necessary information to prevent and ultimately eliminate viruses.



Elecson is one of the leading companies in the fields of sound, image and professional lighting, such as the ones that the discotheques or shows require. CompsaOnline collaborates with Elecson bringing the world of IT to this field, improving the service we can offer our customers.

Samsung official distributor

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Compsaonline has the Samsung Partners certification to offer a better service to our customers in Samsung products.

Acer official distributor

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CompsaOnline has the Acer Point acreditation, which allows us to offer a better service with Acer products, a company that makes tablets, smartphones and computers.

Intel Technology Provider Gold

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CompsaOnlie has de Intel Technology Provider Gold acreditation, wthich trained us to implement and recommend systems and solutions based on Intel technology for companies.

Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin (UEWA) Certification

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CompsaOnline has Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin (UEWA) accreditation, a certification offered by Ubiquiti Training Academy after completing a course based on the unification technology. This course is designed to teach how to solve the challenges of today’s business networks using UBNT technology.



Beroni Informàtica is a technological services company, dedicated since its creation in 1987 exclusively to the development of software and complementary services for the tourism sector, in particular travel agencies, tour operators, receptive agencies and professional organizers of congresses (OPC).




D-Link is a global provider headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, whose core business is networking and communications solutions for consumers and businesses. It was founded in March 1986 in Taipei as Datex Systems Inc.


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CompsaOnline has the Brother Quality Technical Center and Brother Quality Center accreditation the highest credentials granted by Brother.
The Brother Quality Technical Center accreditation as the only official center in the province of Lleida guarantees we can repair any Brother device.
The Brother Quality Quality accreditation recognizes us by Brother as an official center for the sale of any Brother device with the maximum guarantees of assistance and quality.