Cloud email, electronic mail for companies

Your mail in the cloud. Accessible from any device, from any location and anytime you want.

Security: your email stored in the cloud

Your emails are safe

The certainty of never losing an email is very important. By storing your emails in the cloud, you make sure that they are safe. Don’t worry if you ever lose your laptop, tablet or smartphone; your emails are still in the same place. In addition, all connections are fully encrypted with 128 bit SSL / TLS security to ensure maximum confidentiality.

Sync with all devices

Having your email stored in the cloud means synchronization

From now on, whenever you mark a message as read on one of your devices, it will be marked as read on all devices (computer, tablet or mobile). Similarly, when you delete an email or mark it as important, the same changes will be aplied to all devices from which you access the mail thanks to the automatic synchronization.

Unlimited space

Never worry that you are running out of space in you email ever again

Email is a basic tool for business. Therefore, it is essential to be able to use it unlimitedly. At CompsaOnline we offer the possibility to enjoy of unlimited space so you will never stop receiving important emails because you have run out of space or delete emails because your mailbox is full.

Unified email and collaboration

Calendar, notes, appointments, tasks, chat and file storage

Current needs require us to have unified e-mail with our calendar, notes, appointments, tasks, chat and also a cloud storage space.

GPS Cloud

Cell phone locator

Our app and your mobile phone will allow you to monitor the movements of your technicians, commercials, drivers and other workers who require it. The only device you’ll need is an Android smartphone and internet connection. You can see the location of your employees wherever you need through the cloud.

Who is it for?

Small and medium business

Companies with employees such as drivers, technicians or other workers susceptible of being monitored due to field work.

Technical services

Control and availability of technicians and mechanics on the field.


Track your team’s business visits.


  • Real time mobile locator
  • Real time employee tracking
  • View of daily routes.
  • Registration of work schedules.
  • Search for the nearest terminal closest to a customer or point of interest.
  • Address Finder.
  • Real time monitoring of terminals.

Backup cloud

Your backup stored in the cloud so you never have to worry about losing anything important

Cloud backup

Cloud storage is the most flexible and cost-effective way of backing up essential files and programs and makes your data safe and secure.

You can access your files at any time if you have Internet connection, isolate your data from errors in local devices, malware attacks or natural disasters and ensure that your system can be restored quickly in order to continue working.