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If you are thinking of putting your business on the internet, do not hesitate to hire the fastest hosting possible. Web applications render 300% faster than a traditional host thanks to the use of Solids or SSDs.



CompsaMail 16 fulfills any communication need you may have. It provides you instant access to email, contacts, calendars and much more from any mobile phone or desktop web browser.



Website integral design adapted to your needs and accessible from any device. Additionally, you can increase your site’s visits thanks to Google SEO campaigns and Adwords.



Increase the volume of sales and visits of your website. Our specialized staff will help you improve your position on Google. We will reprogram your website, achieve quality links and avoid penalties so you do not have to worry.


300% faster SSD hosting and proactive security for your website

Proactive security

Real-time review of everythig that has been uploaded via FTP and HTTP. It avoids your website from being damaged.

SSD usage

Our SDD’s speed is 5 times higher and will make your website run 300% faster than the other websites.

Hosting and Spanish IP

Hosting your website with an IP within Spanish territory will improve the positioning of your website in search engines.




per month

2GB disck space

10GB bandwidth

5 accounts

2 data bases

Weekly backup

Free SSL certificate for your domain



per month

10GB disk space

50GB bandwidth

10 accounts

10 data bases

Weekly backup

Free SSL certificate for your domain



per month

50GB disk space

100GB bandwidth

Unlimited accounts

20 data bases

Daily backup

2 free domains

Website statistics

Free SSL certificate for your domain



per month

Unlimited disk space

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited accounts

Unlimited data bases

Daily backup

3 free domains

Website statistics

Technical support via phone

Free SSL certificate for your domain


CompsaMail 16 will fulfill all your communication needs


Instant access to email, contacts, calendars and much more from any mobile or desktop web browser! The SmarterMail web mail client is very intuitive and easy to use and all it needs is an Internet connection.


Use workspaces to run a business. Meet clients, employees, contractors, friends, family or a mixture of them all in a real-time chat group, live chat video, interactive screens and online file sharing.

Group chat

No matter how small or big your team is, SmarterMail’s private and secure private chat allows users to communicate with multiple groups through an organization using any desktop or mobile chat application.

Desktop / Mobile Sync

Give your users the freedom of having a comfortable platform, both on computers and mobile devices. SmarterMail is perfectly synchronized through Windows, Mac, iOS and Android mobile devices, tablets and desktop applications.


Be in charge of the programming task. Users can create multiple calendars, improve the management of conference rooms, show task dates, check their local time, specify work hours and much more.


Whether you want to access a global list of addresses or a personal list of businesses, contacts can be shared or exported in the most popular formats such as vCard and VCF.

Online advertising

Make your website grow in views and sales


SEO positioning

Most of the time, a company being on the first or second position in an online search means more customers. Therefore, the investment made in the services of a professional ‘SEO’ can be recovered within a few weeks or months. CompsaOnline analyzes and makes a report on the positioning of your website on Google and completes the necessary tasks in for the improvement of the natural positioning of your website or online project.


Google Adwords

At CompsaOnline we have specialized staff in online advertising campaigns. Google AdWords is the most profitable advertising: your ads will only be displayed when users search for your business. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, not just for the displaying of it. You always can decide how much you want to spend on advertising.


Google Maps positioning

Google Maps is the tool your business needs in order to be locatable on the Internet. Providing a few key words will make your business visible to everyone. When interested users search for a sector and an area, they will obtain a list of companies that belong to that sector and area, including your business. CompsaOnline will perform both the reprogramming tasks on its website, achieve quality links and avoid penalties.

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