Computer Security

As the Internet usage is on the rise, more and more companies grant access to their partners and providers to see their information systems. Also, the company’s employees access the Internet on a daily basis. Therefore, it is essential to know which resources need protection in order to control access to the system and user permissions and control which sites the workers are able to access. Our certificates and experience prove that we are specialists in computer security. If you want to have full control over your business and guarantee the full integrity of your information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

CompsaOnline are specialists in

VPN and remote connections

UTM security firewall

Business and individual computer security

Network, VPN, Wireless or WiFi

Internet has undoubtedly been a revolution for society. The network of networks has been growing as the ways of connecting have increased, improving the access speed. These improvements have also favored local networks and the possibilities of interconnecting offices. Having an efficient network is a key factor  of your business. An inefficient network means a slowdown in the company’s processes or the isolation of branch offices. The design of a network can be very complex depending on the number and types of devices. It is necessary study the needs first and select the most suitable systems in order to  provide a quality network service.

Local area networks

These are the networks that connect a team in an office. The most commonly used standard is Ethernet and has a speed of 100Mb / s. In addition, the use of the appropriate interconnection elements can drastically increase the transmission speed, eliminating the bottlenecks that can occur. The scheme above shows the structure of a classic LAN, with Internet connection and interconnection between two offices.

Wireless networks

These types of networks are the newest and provide a never-before-seen freedom. The difference with the local area networks is that they don’t use wires. They eliminate the issue of cables and it is the best option for mobile devices such as laptops or PDAs. Although they are not as fast as the wired ones for now, they are evolving very quickly.

Severs and computer equipment


CompsaOnline offers a wide range of server solutions to fulfill even the most demanding needs. Regardless of whether it is about high level or specific servers for applications, CompsaOnline offers guarantee, scalability and insurance systems.


We offer a wide range of computer equipment that perfectly adapts to the needs of your business, office or home.

· Desktop

· Personal and professional range laptops

· Netbooks

· All in one computers

· Screens

· Tablets

· injectionand laser printers

· Multifunction printers

· Photographic printers

· Scanners

Computer consumables

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