Google Adwords

We have specialized staff in online advertising campaigns. Google AdWords is the most profitable advertising: your ads will only be displayed to the users that are looking for your business. You will only pay when someone clicks on your ad, not just for the displaying of it. You always decide how much you want to spend. It’s that simple!

SEO positioning

Most of the time, a company being on the first or second position in an online search means more customers. Therefore, the investment made in the services of a professional ‘SEO’ can be recovered within a few weeks or months. CompsaOnline analyzes and makes a report on the positioning of your website on Google and completes the necessary tasks for the improvement of the natural positioning of your website or online project.

Google Maps positioning

Google Maps is the tool your business needs in order to be locatable on the Internet. We can make your business visible to everyone with simply providing a few key words. When interested users search for a sector and area, they will obtain a list of companies that match their search, including your business. CompsaOnline will perform the reprogramming tasks on your website, achieve quality links and avoid penalties.