Who are we?

Our history


Beginning of Compsa Computer Services

We have collaborated in the computerization of many small and medium-sized businesses ever since.


Our services have always been customized, supporting them in new computer needs that had been raised.


Renovation of CompsaOnline S.L.

The constant evolution of the market and technology were so important that in 2003 the society was renovated, allowing young computer engineers to join and constitute the new society CompsaOnline S.L.. Then, the company was able to offer a wider variety of improved services.


That being said, CompsaOnline was born in 2003 with the experience accumulated during more than 15 years and with a team that had the adequate training to use new tecnologies. This combination is our warranty to be able to provide companies with the best solutions and services for their technological needs.


CompsaOnline’s team has 16 workers

In the year 2011 CompsaOnline’s team has 16 workers. We provide computer services within management solutions, Internet solutions, system solutions and make computer consultations in different sectors, offering global solutions based on software, hardware or systems, cloud and the Internet.



+ 5000 clients

Nowadays we serve more than 5,000 clients in the provinces of Lleida, Barcelona, Zaragoza and Huesca. We kindly invite you to check out our website and see what services and products we offer.


We create management software for personal computers and Android smartphones, we develop professional websites, social networls, 2.0 websites, content managers, online marketing and many more.